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Just checking my settings ...help


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Hello, I did a speed guide and I am using xx/640.

My Router is a mr814 so for Global maximum number of connections I use 185- it was at 375 that the speed guide put it at but I read the problems with certain routers like mr814 so I changed accordingly.

Now should the max # connected peers per torrent stay at 100?

Should upload slots per torrent stay at 4?

Global upload rate is 60.

Maximum # of active torrents is 4 , is this good?

Max # of active downloads is 3 is this good?

I have dht enabled and upnp port mapping not checked.

My network is green (ok).

Any help would be appreciated .


Just wondering these questions because of the router !

(Ultima) This forum is not insta-tech-support. DON'T bump, ESPECIALLY within an hour or two.

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Considering your now-lower global maximum connections, yes you might want to reduce connections per torrent *IF* most of the torrents you're on regularly have 100's of seeds+peers. If only 1 or 2 of the torrents you're on out of 10 ever top 100 seeds+peers, then you might want to leave it.

Upload slots can be left 4, but turn on the use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%.

Enable Peer Exchange if it isn't already.

You might want to set alternate upload rate while not downloading to 65 KB/sec, if you need quicker uploading to boost your ratio on private trackers.

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Ok Thks Could u explain the IF part of your answer, I am a bit new to some of this.

Thks if u have the time.

I have everything checked as mentioned in your answer.

What about the active torrents and active downloads ,are they ok?

I am getting some good download speeds now depends on what I am downloading though.


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If most of the torrents you download are reported by the tracker and often the website you get them from...as having 100+ seeds+peers, then you risk having 2 torrents that get 170 of your 185 global max connections. And the other 2 torrents fight over the remaining 15 connections, running really slow as a result.

But if it's only occassionally that one of the torrents you get has more than 50 reported seeds+peers, then you might as well allow the 1 rare torrent as many connections as it can grab...up to 100 anyway.

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µTorrent's half open max shouldn't be set more than 80% of Window's half open limit...or very slow speeds and possible crashes can occur.

Really, setting µTorrent's half open max to only 4-6 should get better results on decent torrents with some but not immense numbers of seeds+peers. Making and breaking connections costs a bit of bandwidth.

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