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Possible Speed Problems


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Ok, i only have a 1 meg Broadband internet connection ( BT if u must know ) and i have forwarded my ports etc. to try and get the best download speed etc.

Ive done a speed test in london ( im from UK BTW ) and it sed stuff like 900 kbs etc. So i thought that was normal, so i selected 1Mbit as my speed, did that but when i come to download a torrent my download speed is something along the lines of like 17.00 kb/sec i must say the most i have ever seen it be is like 35 kb/s ( this is very rare ). Even on the downloads with loads of seeders and loads of leachers, basicly on any download i get around 17 kb a sec download, sometimes it just hangs on 1 kb a sec for like 5 minuits. ( i get the green light at the bottem also).

Im kinda a noob when it comes to download and things like that..

Would the programs i have running in the background affect the speed??

Programs I Use When Downloading: PeerGuardian 2, Anti Virus ( Norton Anti Virus ), ( and maybe MSN if i need to talk) thats genraly all the programs i persivly use. so would this not be helping my speed??

Even not using PeerGuardian 2 and all of the above i still get crap download times!

So, Can u help me out?



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