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How to clear statistics?


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Or if ludde split the file as was suggested a long time ago... or at least included a way to do so. But either way, osmosis is asking for a full statistics clearing, which is fine by me, but honestly mamamia's need to clear only the total downloaded statistics doesn't sound like it is of much use.

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a nice adition to the software Would be a reset button. for up/download totals

some of us are on wireless and have a exact limit we are allowed to download / month.

so if i was "say" able to set my total up/down limit to 95 gigs/month or (defined amount of days)

as i am only allowed 100g per month up and down.. and get a popup when i get there. that would be kikash.

its hard to get exact numbers on the amount i download / month as some of that monthly transfer is still tied up in a partial / incomplete download.

and at 2 buck per extra gig it does get costly

its wireless by the way :S

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