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Recent speed problems


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Hiya all,

New to the forum, but my problem is driving me nut's and i was hoping someone could help. Been using utorrent for ages and very successfully untill about a week ago, when all of a sudden i can't get downloads above 10kB/s and averaging around 5kB/s previously (until last week) i was getting at least 40kB/s up to 60kB/s. Everything is set up as per icedogs guide, ports forwarded etc. torrents have excellent seeds and peers (28440 and 18807 respectivly alot i know but are genuine csi from isohunt). I am sure i haven't changed anything to result in the loss of speed and have tried tweekning the settings to see if this help but to no avail. Only thing that i have noticed is a red solid although faint horazontal line on the speed graph at about the 10kB/s level that i haven't seen before is this anything?????? sorry if i haven't given enough info but hope someone can help i need my csi fix!!! :-)

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thanks for the replies, internet connection is adsl 512kB/s but on last speed test (just now) my results were.... downloads 80kbp/s and uploads 226kbp/s????? repeated it and got 60 and 104 respectivly???? Uploads are maxing out but varies. Seeds always max out. If it is the uplaods what have i changed?

NB my utorrent is set up using speed guide but have used icedogs numbers in the advanced set up is this wrong?

set up is: upload limit 17KB/s

connections 55

max active 1

upload slots 3

connections 90

max active dl 1


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You should run internet connection speed tests when absolutely nothing else is attempting to access the internet.

Your half-open connection limit in µTorrent really should not be higher than the default value of 8, and you may even get better results reducing that to 4-6.

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