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NAT errors cause of double Router.. HELP!


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Im using a Huawei SmartAX MT800 Modem/Router, and a Linksys WRT54G router.

i've set the port forwarding in my linksys router to my computer already and im pretty sure theres no problem there as using my old modem without any routing capabilities it has just worked fine.

However this new modem has routing and firewall capabilities and i believe it cant be switched off.

Whenever i try to test a certain port in Utorrent, it says the port isnt open on my public ip address.

The new modem assigns my router a random address such as, however i tried port forwarding that to my router's address but it still doesnt work. U torrent will check my public ip address and it will still say its not opened. I followed everything here (http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Huawei/SMARTAX-MT-800/eJamming_Station.htm) but it doesnt work..

im not quite sure what im missing, and what settings i should be lookin to change in the modem-router.

the modem-router user manual can be found here.


Hoping someone can help me out and point me in the right direction..

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ive read the chain port forwarding in ur signature, and i understand the concept.. however im not quite sure how to do it cause i feel im missing a step in setting the static ip..

anyway, i first tried to take my router out of the equation, and connect my computer directly into the modem.. i gave my computer a static ip address of : .. and connected to my modem and went to the configuration page.. i located the NAT page and entered the utorrent port and put in a ip address that the modem always assigns my computer "".. after im done with that i have to take away the static ip address cause i got no internet access with a static ip.. i only get access when it automatically assigns me an ip address..

anyway after i removed the static ip, like i mentioned above, the modem now assigns my comp with : .. i dont know much about this but shouldnt my computer be on the same subnet as the modem?

anyway, i tried to test the port forwarding, but yet it still cant work.



before i can even start with the chain port forwarding, i cant even get my router to forward a port to my computer..

should i be setting a static ip address for my modem? or shouldnt it be a bridge? im quite confused..here a screenshot of the inside settings



ive googled a lot of pages about this modem and it seems alot of people are having problems with this modem...

ive uploaded a copy of the user manual here, its a 1mb download..


i hope someone wouldnt mind checking it out and tellin me which settings i should be changing..it has screenshots of every page in the configuration page..

a BIG thank you to all of you bothering to read this.

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The static IP should be what the modem gives you. So if you set a static IP of for the router, it most likely becomes invalid when you connect to the modem, since (as you noticed) the modem assigns its own IP address to you. So you should set a static IP of when connected to the modem when testing it.

If you plan on setting the modem to bridge mode (would simplify things some), then you don't need to bother with static IP for the modem. All connections should automatically be passed to the router to handle the routing. If you lose your connection, do the PPPoE stuff as I suggested in the manual.

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connected my computer direct to modem..

assigned my computer with static ip .. got internet access..

port forwarding done in the modem's NAT settin page..

however using utorrent's speed test, it says the port is not open on the modem's external internet ip..

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none.. just windows firewall which i have turned off for the moment to test this...

should i be throwing this new modem in the trash by now? i really dont get this problem as i followed the port forwarding guide from portforward.com but still tells me the external ip address port is not open..ive googled on the modem and found numerous problems with this product.. if there's any answer, i would assume its in the user manual tat i posted the link above.. there's alot of stuff in there i dont understand as im not that good in this kinda stuff.. it would be real awesome if u could check it out..it has pictures of every page in the modem/router settings

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