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Uavailable to connect to seeds.


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I found a weird problem recently which I have never met before.

Before I download this file, i checked the website that there are 7000+ seeds available, I added it. At first I didn't noticed the availability because there were so many seeds. As time went on, when I downloaded until 97% i found it halted by itself!

I thought it's the connection problem and checked the indicator on the bottom(I still didn't suspect anything to do with the availability); it turned yellow, I restart the router and made some configuration, finally it turned green again.

After a while, my downloading speed is still 0.0K/s, then I started to check the availability and I found it's only 97%! The seeds availability showed is the same as the website: 7000+, and all the tracker are working properly, the thing is that the connected seed is stuck to 0.

I have never used BT for a long time, I don't know whether there is something modified with the network protocol. I knew that in this way, I could not finish downloading ever.

Any one can help me?

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