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DHT Issue


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Hi ....thx for Ur time and help....:-)

I m able to download sometimes but nodes are showin 0 all the


Here r few queries

1. How can i get those nodes workin and what do they mean?

2.how to dump DHT dat file?

3. What is the reason i m able to download only sometimes...is it

bcoz nodes do not work..?

Also due to this one of the many torrents which was workin aint workin......

Here are all the details and options....which are helpin the download...

i guess.... !!

1. Whn I right click any torrent...enable DHT and peer exchange are checked

2. yellow triangle says port not forwaded .....evn whn i hav u torrent in Windows firewall exception..no other firewall software is present

Also i hav added port shown which is used in utorrent in

network conn -- > lan properties -- > firewall exceptions-- > add port

network conn -- > lan properties -- > windows firewall -- > advanced ---- > settings -- > sevices add -- > ip and ext port(which is in u torrent)

3. U torrent preferences -- >

Connection -- > randomise port and Enable upnp is unchecked

Bittorrent --- >Enable DHT , enable DHT for new torrents,

Ask tracker for scrape, enable peer exchnge all are


Protocol encryption -- > disabled

Allow incomin legacy conn --- > checked

Plz let me know in easy steps ...where and what to check and uncheck or forward port and wats the best.....or god knows the rest


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