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Strange NAT or port problem???


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please, i have a strange problem here. Before..i used wired connection (no port forwarding) which utorrent works fine. Under certain circumstances, i had to change to wireless connection, using the same modem and router. Since then, the red exclamation mark start bugging me. utorrent port said that i close my port, which is strange since i use no firewall (except windows), and the router are set open.

the strange thing is that my brother's laptop connected just fine using the same connection. He uses no port forwarding. he just use a different random port.

this is my specs :

my modem : Dynalink RTA230

my router : Belkin FD7230

my wireless pci adapter : Belkin F5D7000 rev1 (use ralink driver, the old driver keep dc)

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Before i had the problem, i use uPnP and with static ip address. I did not port forward as i didnt have to. Maybe i'll try chain port forwarding.


i'll try updating the driver, and checking the router

edit: At last, after disabling upnp at my router and enabling upnp at my modem. i got the green sign. I dont know why, but it works.

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