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Poor seeding with torrentleech.


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when i download from torrentleech the down speed is between 500-1000 kb/s but the seeding is only 1-10 kb/s, but if i download from piratebay the seeding is 60-90 kb/s. i have tried port forwading and turning of all firewalls but witout succes.

Hav any other had this problem or is it just me.

Please help i´m going nuts.

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If you're firewalled, the uploading and downloading results can be very reduced. But it all depends on how many others (percent-wise!) are also firewalls. If everyone was firewalled, NOTHING could be downloaded and uploaded! Even most of the NAT Transversal tricks won't work in a totally firewalled environment.

So on 1 tracker, there's more firewalled people than others...and as a result even SEEDING is slower while you yourself are firewalled. Generally, being firewalled also means less likely to be using reasonable limits -- so even more people will get crappy download and upload speeds as a result.

On the other tracker, you being firewalled doesn't hurt as much because many others are not...so you can upload quite quickly because there are many you can upload to.

It also depends on your settings as much as being firewalled.

So how fast is your connection?

What settings (as shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G) are you using?

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If it jumps around between 60-90 KB/sec then you probably need to use the xx/768k setting instead of the xx/1mbit connection.

Some of the private trackers and even a couple public trackers are so seed-heavy that once you become a seed you will actually have trouble finding a peer to upload to. And even if you do connect to a peer, it's likely one that's already maxed-out so you cannot upload to them quickly. The really slow peers would be around longer and make you more likely to connect to them than a short-lived fast peer.

I am very wary of D-Link routers, due to the huge number of reports of problems. They can't use UPnP or DMZ without extreme problems. Even DHT in µTorrent can cause issues on some of them. Wireless no doubt makes all that worse, as any background radio waves can cause interferance and slowdowns/disconnections. So with wireless you have to reduce the Global connections and connections per torrent at least. Half-open connection max in µTorrent needs to be left the default of 8, just to be on the safe side.

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Or a virus with firewall-like behavior.

You need to have some firewall while connected directly to the modem, Win XP's firewall is good enough for that.

Disabling won't remove other firewalls -- you may need to uninstall them to totally remove their influence.

You shouldn't be needing to use UPnP, especially if connected directly to the modem.

And UPnP won't work right with D-Link routers anyhow.

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