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Incorrect .ISO name help


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Hey Im pretty sure this isnt the place to post so feel free to lock/move/delete as you wish

anyways its more to with an ISO name i made. I backed up my personal files a while back and I used a program that takes the files puts it as one big file like a .cab - but not quite. So when you click the file it runs like an installer, so when I run the disk, the folders and files would be installed where they were before I re-formatted the harddrive. I made two as it was my first time using the program so one was a backup (of a backup if you will) Problem Is when I used PowerIso to mount the file the 2nd time, I accidently changed the ISO name. Now where I run the installer it bacisally messes up because the ISOs name is incorrect, I can change the name but ive forgotton it and made it something like -backup02d25/10/06, Is there anyway of decompiling the .exe installer to find the name of the ISO? Ive tried extracting the wierd file type but it only works with the installer... anyhelp?

if anyone knows of a relavent forum i can post this in, a guide on how to do it, or a link to a program, it would be gladly appreachiated.


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I'm using the Total Commander with built in viewer:


As editor I use notepad++:


Opening an big ISO-file with the editor (F4) brings an error message, opening it with the internal viewer of the Total Commander (F3) works.

But as I said: only a try ...

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