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Multiple file torrent problem


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Is this true?

When a multi-file torrent is created it appends all files together to create a complete 'image' which is then chopped up into equal sized pieces. This means that a piece could contain the last part of one file and the beginning of another file.

Here's the problem.

I recently tried to join a multiple file torrent of which I already had 80% of the complete files. I only needed the other 20%. I initially ran the torrent to create the filenames and then renamed the files I already had with the filenames created by the torrent. The files were exactly the same files and file sizes. When rejoining the torrent the files are 99.5% complete but should be 100% complete.

Also a strange error message appeared in the "Peers" list indicating that another peer tried to read a part of one of these 99.5% files and this was causing a problem.

My thinking is that the piece that was causing the problem may be on the boundary between files. Has anyone experienced this?

To solve the problem I just deleted all the files and started the torrent again. As the torrent is 54Gbytes in size it would have been helpful to the original seeder for me to join the torrent with 80% of the files to alleviate his burden a bit.

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DreadWingKnight - yes, I removed the torrent and then added the torrent again after making sure the filenames matched the files created by the torrent (with .!ut removed).

Normally joining a torrent (as a seed) hasn't been a problem in the past when there's just one file but when multiple files exist (with some files missing) there seems to be a problem joining an existing torrent.

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