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incredibly slow...please help


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ok ive been playing around with the different settings for the last day and ive finally got the download speed abve ten...this i suppose is a plus but we have incredibly fast internet on campus...when i connect thru ethernet it says like 100 mbps and thru wireless i think is like 50 mbps...my download speed has started stayin above 10kbs for the most part and occasionally going up to 20-30kbs but not for long...i was expecting closer to 300kbs atleast but at this rate i would be completely happy if i could get it above a hundred...if you cant tell i am completely new at utorrent so your help is much obliged...ive searched thru the faqs and this forum and have found some things to get it up a little but not near enough...here are my current settings:

connection type: xx/512kbs

upload limit: 47kbs

upload slots: 4

connections(per torrent): 40

connections (globally): 250

max active torrents: 3

max active downloads: 2

also i have enabled protocol encryption and set my firewall to allow utorrent...thanks for the help

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When your download is running bad...check what your upload speed is doing too.

This can depend highly on whether you're firewalled or not and whether there's any/many peers connected to you.

But if you're not firewalled and have at least 5 peers connected to you that have less than you do then the only thing keeping you from uploading faster is whatever bottlenecks are on your end. ...or they have VERY crappy connections themselves. ( But it's unlikely for ALL of them to be that way!)

If you're constantly uploading at 47 KB/sec, try manually reducing it to 40 KB/sec -- and set alternate upload speed to 50 KB/sec while not downloading. If that doesn't help, then your download's not slow due to upload overload at least.

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last night i messed with some of the settings...i increased the upload limit to like 512k and it got my downloads to go between 30-50k constantly mostly in the 30s tho. my upload speed went up towards 70-80k i tried increasing it even more but it didnt seem to do much difference good or bad...isnt the download speed supposed to go faster?

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