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uTorrent 1.6 -Stop responding intervals-


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Hi. I've bought a new machine and now I'm having some problems with latest uTorrent 1.6b483: after starting the program, the machine stops responding to mouse clicks (although you can move the pointer) for a couple seconds. It works fine again but, after a while (some seconds), it happens again, and so on...

That never happened to me in my old machine. Here are my specs:

- Windows XP SP2

- Athlon64 3500+

- ASUS M2NPV-VM (nForce 430) with 0504 BIOS

- 1 Gb DDR2 667 (Kingston 1.8v)

- Sapphire ATI X1950 Pro 256 Mb

- USRobotics USB ADSL Modem 8500

- No firewalls installed (Windows Firewall is disabled)

I installed nForce 8.26 drivers, AMD64 cpu driver (tried with standard Microsoft driver too), and Cool'n'Quiet is DISABLED.

I'm using Avast Antivirus (like in my old computer) but without any modules installed (not even the standard scanner, I just scan on demand).

I tried with BitComet and worked fine, and eMule too. I can't remember if this behaviour occurred at first, when I installed my machine.

I downgraded the number of connections and disabled uPnp with no luck.

Any clues? Any way I could debug and find what's up?


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my sys specs are :

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2000Mhz [overclocked at 2400] sk 939

ASUS A8N-E NVidia nForce4 Ultra HT 1000 Dual-Ch DDR 400 PCI-e x16

2 x DDR (184) 256MB PC3200 400Mhz CL 2.5 TwinMos Chipset TwinMos

ASUS ATI Radeon X300se 128 Mb

DVD-/+RW ASUS Dual-Layer

HDD 256 Maxtor 7200rpm 133/16M

Thomson SpeedTouch 546 ADSL Modem

Winsows XP + SP2

Kaspersky Internet Security 6

i don`t know if it could be the drivers or something but utorrent already conflicts with the nVidia Firewall.

[almost forgot...] the 1.6 RC1 version of utorrent has the same problem

so i use utorrent 1.5 until we solve this problem

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I've managed to fix it! I used HijackThis and disabled some stuff related to: soundmax, messenger, xpnetdiag.exe (file missing anyway).

But I also removed 'SpamPal' (antispam filter), which installed a transparent proxy on Winsock LSP, and I guess that's it!

I'm using uTorrent 1.6 again, everything working fine right now! :D

wally00: Try HijackThis (http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html) and remove the unneeded stuff (it makes backups just in case you want those back), and then take a look at Winsock LSP by using LSPFix (http://cexx.org/lspfix.htm).

Hope you solve the problems too.


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