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2 Problems (RSS & Router)


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hey guys just switched to uTorrent and it is much better than my last BitTorrent Client (wont name names)


On RSS Downloader, i cant make it automatically download new episodes. Sometimes it does, Sometimes it deosnt! lol

i can see them in the history and sometimes in the downloads bit but they never get added to uTorrent for downloading.

if i double click the file in history it adds it no problem

I have added all the relevent info into the Downloader but no joy!!! :-(

i have read the forums and have seen there may be a problem with the algorithm?!?!?!?!?!?

if this is my problem please some1 say so.


i have read the troubleshooting forum and found apost about routers hanging!

"For All D-Link DSL-G604T or Similar Routers with µTorrent/P2P Problems"

im both happy and sad because some1 has finaly diagnosed my problem for the past year lol!

but i have an ASUS router so i cannot use this firmware.

if ne1 knows of any firmware or fixes for my router please let me know.

In UNI so i dont kno the model no but if u need it please reply.

Thanxs for the help,


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I'm also having the same problem with the RSS auto-downloading, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, after some time looking at it I think I might find a reproducible case.

I use RSS for automatically episode downloading so I set up RSS like this:

1. Put the series name in Filter field

2. Selecting episode numbers such as "3x01-30" to select the entire season 3.

3. I don't check "smart ep. filter" as I want to download proper version of the same episode

4. Minimum interval I leave it as "match always"

On that setup, it sometimes fails when downloading new episodes, they are put in the history but they do not start automatically. I've found out that usually going back to the RSS filter settings and de-selecting cthe "Reset" button makes the filter work again...


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Here is the screenshots i thought u might want













Can any tell me why files arent automatically downloaded???

if u look on the Releases tab u will see heroes 1x10 is there! and on my Favorites tab i have set it to download all episodes from 1x10 onwards!!

why are they not downloading automatically??

u will also see on my History tab, that there are files there. they are they as i double clicked them on the the history tab. they did not download auto!

Ne1 ne ideas???



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ok so what do i do to change it???

i thought i could leave the filter feed black if i set it to the right feed no??

i have tried setting up the filter like putting CSI in the CSI filter but no luck

u kno any rss feeds that don use mininova???



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why are u being cheecky???

i thought this was the troubleshooting section??

i used the exact same method on another client and it worked ok on theirs but i prefer uTorrent but cant get it to work!

if u could post an example please then i might be able to get it to work



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Pray, do tell where I'm being cheeky. Or is telling you that I don't know any other RSS feed considered being "cheeky"? This is the troubleshooting section, and I'm answering your questions directly -- I can't see how you consider it any other way.

I wasn't joking when I said to use * in the Filter field. If you're unfamiliar with using RSS in µTorrent, then do read the RSS tutorial.

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