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Not a Problem but a question for the knowledgeable concerning DHT


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As the title states I don't have a problem with DHT (ie it works well for me) but I have a question concerning its operation.

Is it possible to selectively activate DHT on certain torrents and not on others?

The enable DHT tick box is greyed out on the torrent properties box (any torrent) and I was just wondering if this was normal as I have totally disabled DHT in order to build up my ratio on a ratio monitoring tracker but would like to selectively re-enable DHT on other torrents on non registration trackers.

The opposite situation would also work, if possible (totally enable DHT and selectively disable on certain trackers/torrents).

I have searched the forum and seen plenty of requests for help to get it working and fix problems but nothing quite like this.

If this isn't possible in the current version (1.6 (build 474)) of utorrent is it a feature which would be implementable or is it totally impossible?


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