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You can reduce global connections to 140 or probably even less and still have exactly the same effective results.

But really, I'd suggest going much further than that. Like Global reduced to 60 and per torrent reduced to 40.

Do you have use extra upload slots if uploading <90% max? It might help slightly, as there's no guarentee that the 3 upload slots you are using are to the peers that will give (upload) the most to you in return. This way, if they can't even download from you as fast as you want to upload...then µTorrent will seek more and others to upload to. But only if needed.

If the torrent seeds never connect to you, then most likely it's a fake torrent. If you're connected to 30+ peers and availability isn't greater than 1, then it's either a very large and/or very new torrent...or it's fake.

10 hash fails in 1 day is actually not much. I don't think I have anything wrong with my connection and I might get that even on torrents with no intentional poisoners...just due to occassional weirdness (D-Link routers, wireless glitches, etc.)

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