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when i try to coonect to webui i'm direting to my modem ??????


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when i type


in ie7 or evne in firefox .....the broswer bring me to my modem setting page


win xp sp2 2002


utorrent 1.6.1 483

linnsys befw11s4


my port is open in the router configuration

i have add utorrent in th exeption page on the windows firewall

try with windows firewall on and off no change

bitdefender utorrent all port open

so that's where i 'm ....

do you have some suggestion

thank you

have a great day

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ok i know that english is not my first language and i make my best to understand it ....

in the readme file it says:

* Enable and configure the WebUI in µTorrent (Preferences -> Advanced -> WebUI)

that's done

* Open up a supported browser and use the following URL format

that's done too

* http://YourIP:UTport/gui/

not working ..... direct to a white page ...it's write on it INVALID REQUEST

* If the browser supports Username:Password (and you have got the WebUI working with the first URL) then use the following URL format

* http://Username:Password@YourIP:UTport/gui/

not working

N.B: When using the WebUI locally use localhost or as using your external (WAN) IP may cause problems.

i will try something this afternoon .....i will try to keep you in touch

thank's again

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The only reason it would throw up an invalid request message is if you didn't type /gui/ into the URL, or you typed it incorrectly. From you previous posts, it's clearly evident that you didn't actually use /gui/ in the URL, and I can only see the repeated errors as being caused by you not having it in the URL.

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It's not the router. If the router were blocking access, then you wouldn't even see the Invalid Request message. If you see that message, then you properly connected to µTorrent. You're either not visiting the correct URL, aren't using the correct version of µTorrent, or didn't place webui.zip in the correct location.

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