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Speed problems, help!!


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I have green network status.

I've tried to download a torrent from those pages, but it's still the same.

I've enabled protocol ancryption and nothing happens.

When i make the speed test i get 180 kbps for download and 90kbps for upload, but in the utorrent the average of download is 15kbps.

My ISP is Telefonica de Argentina and it is in the supposed bad isps but the only thing it does is to prevents/filters .torrent download, then the encrypton level is 0, and it doesnt limits the bandwith, or anyother thing.

My modem model: Prestige 645r-A1

My router model: Linksys WRT54G

My connection type is DSl and i have wireless internet connection, but is the only computer with wireless, i'm not firewalled, it's my house so i can control the router and all that..

hope you can answer, it's a bit boring to download things at 15kbps.


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chomano, let me explain:

180 kiloBits/sec. download = 22.5 kiloBytes/sec. (kiloBits / 8 = kiloBytes)

If you set up your utorrent acc. to the Speed Guide (CTRL+G), your DL with 15 kiloBytes/sec. is OK (so you have a rest of speed to surf in the WWW).

If its really 15 kiloBits (which means 1.87 kiloBytes/sec), thats very bad ...

But first of all: Speed Guide wants to now your Upspeed, which is 90 kiloBits/sec. for you.

So set it to "xx/96k".

But the speed test doesn't use the bittorrent-protocoll, so your 90 kiloBits/sec. seem to be very slow for a DSL-connection. Perhaps you had run other programs while testing???

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