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Port and/or Kerio issues, BitComet to utorrent thing


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Challenged Noob here. I found instuctions that walked me thru. a Kerio Firewall fix, but I couldn't execute the 1st step. Seems that for me, Admin. options aren't there as discribed(i.e. upper left & click per GUI). Just no way to dig in. Help file won't work either.

I noticed on the Windows Firewall, in Exceptions, utorrent is without a port no./TCP and UDP, where as the old bitcomet does. Not sure how to type the special u, as adding a new port req. name & port fields. Not sure if changes in Windows Firewall would be relivant any way?

I see preping for port forwarding alone is involved. I did uncheck the UPnP already, but stopped there for now.

Ironic that I was compeled to use a more efficient client and here I am digging into places BitComet never led me. Geez! Opera is doing my torrents now...NOT gonna let that happen.

Not good being half smart. The dumb side just can't let this shyte go. LOL

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance

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