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DVD burner probleme


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lol.. its more than likely hardware.

buy a new one.. their pretty darn cheap.

the only software i know of to damage optical drives would be starforce.. i ended up smashing the bejeebus out of a really nice 109d due to their ring 0 drivers. or a dodgey firmware update.


-try it in another machine, might be fine it that. (if it IS, try a reinstall)

-sell it on ebay, buy a new one.

-redeem great pleasure in smashing the living **** out of it with a hammer, and buy a new one.

if all else fails, try loads and loads of alcohol..

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I have the same problem! Before I downloaded uTorrent I used to always burn CD's/DVD's with my DVD burner! NOW It doesn't even recognise that its there! I double click on my DVD drive and it reads "Please insert disk into DVD Drive E:/".

I think we may have the same problem. My DVD drive is from an Compact Presario WindowsME.

Maybee it MAY be uTorrent, or our DVD drives are just both broken... BUT I can read CD-ROMs and DVDs fine, just blank ones I have trouble reading. Anyone know a solution?

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