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Needs easier queue # change


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Right now if I have 30 torrents going in my queue and when I add a new one that I want higher on the list, I have to select that torrent and right click "Move Up" 30 times to get it to the top.

It would be nice if you could just double click it and either type in the # I want the torrent to be, or choose from a sliding ruler with the numbers to instantly pick the torrents new queue #.

Or even easier still, you could make it so I can just select the torrent on uTorrent's list and drag it to the queue number I want it to be with the mouse. All other torrents queue numbers adjusting accordingly.


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I could do that, but if I have 100 torrents in the queue I want to be able to decide what is more important easily and at anytime I want...not just as I add the torrents. Sometimes I change my mind and decide something else interests me more and I want to make the queue just as I like it for that moment.

Really what I am asking for is to remove the whole queue Move Up and Move Down ability and replace it with a drag and drop ability. So I can adjust the queue at anytime for any reason within seconds instead of having to move up and down like 30 times to get something exactly where I want it most.

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This is a genuine feature request and although he has gone quiet because you solved his problem, Here is what I have to say:

When a user right-clicks on a torrent, we get a menu which lets us move them up and down the queue.


* Not everyone knows about the hot-keys and some of our less gifted users are not familiar with reading the manual.

* A GUI Tweak will cost next to nothing in time and effort to implement, yet it will save many users getting frustrated.

* Even if a feature is implemented with hot-keys, it should still be available in the GUI.

Some of these threads go back to 2006: I don't understand why this hasn't been done allready.

Perhaps the requests for this quick fix are falling on blind eyes.

Let me quote the feature request sticky:

"In looking at features we're interested in:

- features that users actively demand

- features that just make sense (things that improve things even if users don't specifically ask for them)"

"We don't want to bloat the client. It will continue to be "a (very) tiny BitTorrent client".

This is a fitness to purpose issue which must be addressed.

Other threads requesting this feature:





... and many more.


Thomas Coles

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I completely agree with Shoe.

I have suffered the past few years of using BitTorrent and UTorrent because of this problem and because I was not familiar with the shortcuts. I do not use broadband so my queue usually runs to 300 and more torrents on a normal basis, and I often have to move them up and down. Just imagine how many times I have had to use hundreds of clicks to take one of the torrents to the top or bottom of the queue. (You can only imagine my view of the developers based on this). If my memory doesn't fail me, I suggested these two "move to the top" and "move to the bottom" buttons a few years ago and since I received no answers I simply gave up. All the suffering and annoyance because of some silly principle of small size for the install file just to impress people. What's the use of this light size if it wastes time and increases blood pressure and starts all these discussions in the boards through all these years. You could have saved everyone a great deal of time, effort, suffering and trouble by adding something as trivial as this a long time ago. The reason that I joined the forum again was that I actually wanted to switch to another client but I thought just before doing that I might suggest this feature again.

I think ease of use should be the highest objective rather than a small size. After all many people are now using RAMs into the Gigabytes and anybody could download even much much larger applications with a dial-up connection.

If it wasn't for the rules I would have loved to give the developers a piece of my mind for what they have done to me all these years.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

You might ask why I didn't refer to the manual for shortcuts. That's because based on my experience with most user-friendly software every shortcut is represented elsewhere either as an item in a menu or a button and since I couldn't find these in none of the menus and buttons I simply assumed (assuming that BitTorrent was a user-friendly application) that it didn't exist. Apparently I was wrong, since some hiddem sadism had already been engineered into the software.

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