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Download/Upload limiter (speed)


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I know that there is already a speed limiter in utorrent, but it would be appreciated if it could be toggled on and off with a click/keystroke or two.

For example, I'm happily downloading at my maximum, but I (or someone else) needs to use the internet for something. I right click, click on "Limit speed" and the download suddenly slows to ~half of my connection speed (This would be user-configurable), and when I/they are done, I right click again, and click on "Unlimit speed" and suddenly the download resumes as fast as it was previously.

I apologize in advance if this has already been suggested, but a quick search of the forums hasn't revealed any similar topics.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: I mean for the main window, and right clicking on individual torrents, and one button for both upload and download to be cut, or a hotkey that can be assigned to, say "Ctrl+alt+*"

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