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Possible Bug: Priorities


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Wasn't sure how to name this thread. Might not even be a bug, though it seemed one to me. I'll explain and you should judge (and possibly confirm it one way or another):

I had two torrents seeding, and about 4 queued for download. "Seeding Get Priority over Downloading" was enabled. Max Active Tasks was set to 2, while max downloading tasks were set to 1. So, one seeding and one downloading, or two seeding in case such a task gets priority. Goody.

One of the seeding tasks reached its ratio goal, and stopped. At this point, i had only one seeding task running, and four queued downloads waiting, from which one should have started, to the best of my understanding. It did not, until i unchecked "Seeding Get Priority over Downloading".

I believe this to be a bug, since there was a free download slot, and there were no seeding tasks to prioritize before it.

Let me know what you think.

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