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Is this possible?


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I'm thinking about using µT for the following scenario:

Our consultants usually need the latest versions of some huge files: database backups, vpc images and the like. Now they usually spend their time at a client, and hardly ever come in the office. So we could host these large files as torrents on a secured and dedicated server. When the consultants are in their hotel, they usually can have some sort of network access. In some cases really fast, most of the time just enough to surf and do some web-based e-mail.

1) Now suppose that 3 consultants can download each 1/3 of the file during the night. In the morning they come together at 'work'. Is it possible for these consultants to create a private (small hub) network and have µT complete the file on each of the consultants machines?

2) Suppose these 3 consultants can each download 3/10 of the file. Again, using a private network, can these consultants constitute 9/10 of the file on their local machine. Using the next night to complete the download for each of them?

- I believe that currently there seems no way to have µT download specific pieces of a file, so in reality, the 3 consultants might be able to download 3/10ths of a file, but for Consultant 1 this might be part 0,1,2. For C2 part 0,4,8. For C3 part 4,6,8. In the end having only 6 pieces in total: 0,1,2,4,6,8.

So it might still take longer, but in the end the net result is that the download can happen 'distributed' and faster.

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