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Slow download speeds using router or usb modem on different computers!


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I recently created a post about having very slow download speeds using my Belkin MIMO Modem/Router, sadly, no-one could help me.

I have now managed to try my connection with 2 USB modems, and both still give the incredibily slow download speeds, a maximum of noramally 10-20kps.

These are my details:

---Connection Details---

ISP: PlusNet @ 5.5mbps

www.adslguide.org shows- DL: 1,329.3Kbps (1.3Mbps), UL: 365.8Kbps (0.4Mbps)

---Hardware Details---

Tried connecting to the internet using:

*Belkin MIMO modem/router (F5D9630UK) - Ports forwarded fine.

*Speedtouch 330 USB modem.

*BT Voyager 105 USB modem.

---Computer Details---

Desktop - Wired to Belkin MIMO Modem/Router. (Wired using USB modems for those tests).

Pentium 4 - 3.0GHz, 1GB DDR RAM, 800GB HD Space (1x400GB, 2x200GB), 100mbps LAN.

Windows XP MCE (SP2), Norton IS2005, Adaware, Spybot, PeerGuardian.

Laptop - Wired and Wireless to Belkin MIMO Modem/Router. (Wired using USB modems for those tests).

Core Duo T2300, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB HD Space, 100mbps LAN & 54mbps WLAN.

Windows XP Pro (SP2), Norton IS2005, Adaware, Spybot, PeerGuardian.

All ports have been forwarded correctly, utorrent is setup correctly using the speed guide, this is for both computers.

All software is up-to-date. All security software has been disabled to test for conflicts. DHT has also been tried enabled and disabled on all tests.

To check that the hardware does work properly, I have used my laptop along with the Speedtouch 330 modem at my parents, who have a 1.1mbps connection and it downloads there at full speed.

Does anyone know what is goin on with my setup as I am seriously loosing my patience now,



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