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Lost good speeds after upgrading to a faster connection PLEASE HELP


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I recently changed my connection from a 4092/512 connection to a 20mbit/1024. Before I used the uTorrent optimizer to configure uTorrent. I could get speed up 450kB/s. Now I only get speed up 60kB/s. I have a green light and my port is open and applied the EvID4226Patch to open up 50 connection. Finally I have configered my settings using the utorrent speed guide - futhermore opened up 256 halfopen connections.

I have tried downloading different torrents to check if the was a problem there - but it seem general

Please help - It cost my greatly to up to this new connection

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Have tried that changes nothing :-(. I have no idea what wrong! I started downloading the "test" torrent suggested on uTorrents homepage. Here I got speeds of 700kB/s. Could it be that I've just been unlucky with the torrent I have choosen, though I've tried a lot.

Again thanks for the reply!

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Sorry for my long answering time just got a new comp today !!! ok here is my stats

Connection type xx/640k

Upload Limit 60kb/s

Upload slots 4

Connections per torrent 100

Connections (global) 375

Max active torrents 4

Max active downloads 3

With SP2 patch installed.

As it stats I have choosen only to use just above half of my upload speed for uTorrent - due to other users in my apartment. Still I should mean that I would get download speeds greater than 60 - 70kb/s.

Thanks for taking your time!!

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If you limit your upload speed to 60kB/s, you shouldn't be able to download any faster on a poorly seeded torrent. With your 1Mbit upload connection, around 100kB/s is your absolute maximum upload speed. Your downloads might very well be affected by other users on your LAN as you mentioned earlier.

I believe you are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Although the OpenOffice torrent should get to you at 1+MB/s unless theres heavy network usage on your LAN by others. 700kB/s isn't bad after all.

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