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reeeeeally need some help...


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Hi, i know there's sh*t loads of posts about slow download speeds etc and i've read literally everything on the help pages but i'm still seriously struggling. Basically i'm getting speeds of 0.1-1.1kb/s and i can't work out why. Im using a wireless comp running through a d-link router and have previously had utorrent running fine at a different address. I've tried various configurations with regards to port forwarding and uPnP but nothing works. Wierdly enough tho...(this is where i become completely baffled) i installed utorrent on the wired comp just to see what would happen and that got average speeds...so then i decided to delete utorrent on the wireless comp and reinstall and try downloading the same torrent as i had just done on the wired one. It started getting better speeds of around 25kb/s, not great i know but a damn sight better than 0.1kb/s!! But it doesnt end there...after getting around 40% of the file the speed suddenly dropped again to 0.1-1.1kb/s and now it's staying at that!!

Can u see why im confused!? If ANYONE can shed some light on what on earth is going on it'd be much appreciated...thanks.

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