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Change "Seed tasks have higher priority than dl'ing" with schedule


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Thanks for the best torrent program there is.

Unfortunately my ISP is one that likes to break quota into off-peak and peak blocks. It would be great if it were possible to change the "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks" option with the scheduler. This would mean I could download as much as possible overnight (off-peak) and the seed what I had downloaded during the day, resulting in a much more effective use of resources.

Thanks again.

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I too have on and off peak downloads, and only 256k uploads.

I think this feature is a good idea because whenever I'm seeding only in scheduler it just seeds torrents that haven't even finished downloading yet which means that my seeding queue gets larger and larger. With this enabled during seeding only hours my finished torrents would be given priority with my slow bandwidth already stretched to the limit.

I hope you can consider this in future releases.


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