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Help Request - Move along to another download when one has stalled.


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Perhaps I'm not doing it right, I am welcome to the suggestion that I've temporarily gone blind or retarded although an actual solution would be more beneficial.


Private tracker limits to X simultaneous downloads.

Utorrent is limited to X simultaneous downloads matching private tracker limits and non-private tracker torrents are force-started.

Utorrent does not seem to be giving up when %downloaded=%available or when there is no download activity for a certain period of time.

Have I missed a setting to enable this capability?

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

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µTorrent does move along. But it doesn't stop until the ratio has reached the amount specified in the preferences. Availability is NOT taken into consideration.

Edit (further clarification): If a torrent is downloading at less than 1KiB/s, then by default, it marks that torrent as inactive, but doesn't stop it. It just starts another torrent. With the limit that your tracker has, there's nothing µTorrent can do about hitting the limit. It doesn't stop the torrent because you're not getting good speeds -- it's hoping that by leaving the torrent started, you can eventually get good speeds on that slow torrent.

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µtorrent doesn't stop a torrent that 'seems' hopeless because new/returning seeds/peers might make finishing the torrent posible. I've waited for weeks on some torrents to finally have it finished by a reseeder.

A maximum-simultaneous-downloads limit by a tracker might indeed cause problems combined with 'hopeless' torrents and afaik there is no function in µtorrent that would be able to solve it.

However when a tracker employs such a limit it should take steps to solve the problems caused by this. For example I would exclude torrents without seeds from the count combined with disallowing connecting to new torrents when someone is at or above the limit (Because when a torrent is reseeded it would start counting again potentially moving you above the limit. If that happens you would be able to continue your current downloads but new torrents will be refused.).

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