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0xoc0000142 error


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I've been having an issue when I leave utorrent 1.6 on over night, I don't know if it's caused by or a symptom of something else (I'm think the latter) but when I go back in the morning I get an application failed error (0xoc0000142) and the whole system won't do anything. I remember this error from my Win2K days and it was an easy fix but I can't find any reason why it's happening in XP. Now, here's the kicker, if I don't have utorrent on at night, the pc is fine in the morning. Any ideas? Similar happenings? Can't find anything in the forums yet.


I'm running XPPro (sp2)

Zone Alarm

utorrent 1.6


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Hey Ultima,

Yeah, I have XP with SP2 and I'm running Zone Alarm 6.5X. I looked thru your FAQ and didn't get much from it other than utorrent has issues with some firewalls (or vice-versa) and that didn't really help all that much. However, I've uninstalled Zonealarm and am now wondering what Firewall you'd recommend. Maybe in your FAQs you could bullet form a comprehensive list of titles that don't work and some you've had good experience with? Might cut down on some threads? (Heh, as I was typing this out, utorrent crashed and I had to reboot)

Anyway, all I really want is a line on a good firewall to use.


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You restarted after uninstalling ZoneAlarm, and it still crashed? If so, I'm not sure the problem was ZA in this case...

Get Process Explorer from sysinternals.com. When µTorrent next crashes, go to Process Explorer, File > Save, then copy and paste the process list in the .txt file that you save from there, here.

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