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Error Cannot Find Path Specified.


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check the folder names in the torrent itself. one of them may contain unauthorized caracters by your operating system.

The "..." in a folders name incident comes to mind. on creation of the folder by µtorrent, windows just renames the folder to remove "..." and µt is lost when that happens. So the folder exists "properly" for windows but without the "..." wich confuses µt.

in this case a retarget function would be nice. or better yet auto-retarget.

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like i was trying to say, its probably an unauthorized special caracter in one of the folders inside the torrent file itself thats tripping your OS.

try this: in µtorrent, click the torrent in your list then go to the Files tab, the files with errors should be sorted out in the list and look at the folder names. if you see anything other than letters, numbers and these caracters: |!"$%&()_-+=

that could be it. the only way to get the torrent in this case would be to have a retarget function for each files the torrent but it doesnt have it yet.

i'm hoping in the next version this bug will be fixed. (ie: auto-retarget, rename files or folders to proper names for Windows)

in the meantime, you can just right-click each file and ignore (not download) these files and folders, sucks but you'll be able to download the rest of the files.

Small consolation i know, but its really the fault of the uploader since he doesnt know how to properly name folders for every os. You should contact him and let them know to fix this problem, and maybe he'll upload a new fixed torrent, its the responsible thing for him to do.

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