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Port Forwarding on the BTHomeHub


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Hey all, I've read that most people are having trouble with their downloads using the BTHomeHub and I could all relate to you there, so I decided to look up on how to port forward on it and I got this address:


Now, not only does it show you how to port forward, but it gives you EVERYTHING on the BTHomeHub.

By using this sites short and simple tutorial I managed to get my downloads going from 15-20 kb/s to 40-70 kb/s and that's quite an improvement.

if you don't know how to log into ur BTHomeHub then follow this:

1.click on start menu

2.go to run and type in cmd.exe

3.in the cmd.exe screen type in ipconfig

4.copy the default gateway into the address page on internet explorer and there.

NOTE: if you do not know what your admin password (you'll need this for the portforwarding) is then the default is usually:

username: admin

password: admin

well I hope this has been helpful to all of the people having slow downloads with using this Hub and having no clue on how to fix it, comment on your progress.

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I have issues with it locking my router, I haven't tried any other BitTorrent programs, but it seems that it is the number of connections, when I have it set to ... what, about 250 , 90 , 4 or something, it locks the router solid after about 5 - 10 mins, unfortunatly this is how I get the best download speeds :/ I'm on the 8Mbit plan, but I have to drop the number of connections for it to be stable.

Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms? I use the uPnP and have DHT enabled, that site listed at the top just seems to be info on how to log into advanced mode in the router, reasonably simple stuff. I was wondering, maybe if I didn't bother with uPnP and forwarded some port ?

Also I couldn't find any 'Simple Tutorial' that the first poster mentioned, I assume he just did the port forwarding. If anyone has had these issues I'd love to hear.


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I have manual configured the connection settings and have got it to work without locking the router, but this is just by dropping the number of total connections, per torrent, and slots. Of course, this reduces the percived speed that I get, I was just wondering if anyone had noticed this with their BT home hubs, I was wondering if this was isolated just to my router, or if it is a problem with the number of inbound connections the home hub can cope with.

I will try without uPnP tonight and forward the port myself and see if that helps.


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This is how I do it, and here's a few hints first.

Hint 1

British Telecom call Port Forwarding by these two terms:

"Application Sharing"; and,

"Game & Application Sharing".

You'll recognise them when you follow "THE STEPS" below.

Hint 2a

I've frequently experienced difficulty getting a command (such as to Port Forward) accepted. So follow "THE STEPS" below immediately after you've booted up the computer. Don't open any other applications.

Hint 2b

If you still have difficulty, then Shut Down the computer and switch the Hub (ie the BT HomeHub) off at the mains for at least 5 minutes (after a couple of minutes you may hear it bleep once as it's still connected to your landline - but don't worry if there's no bleep).

After the 5 minutes (or more if you want) is up, switch the Hub back on at the mains. But DO NOT switch on the computer until the lights on the Hub have stabilised. It'll take around 2 minutes for the Hub to stabilise.

Now switch the computer back on and wait until it fully boots up.


Click (twice) on the icon for "BT Hub Manager".

If you can't find the icon on your Desktop screen then do this:

Start>Programs>BT Home Hub>Hub Manager

This calls up a homepage for the Hub where you can view info (such as your MAC Address) and manage the Hub's settings. If you find pages don't load or 'hang', see Hint 2a and 2b above.

To Port Forward click on these:

Advanced > Continue to advanced... > [username: admin (or your own if you've preset one)] and [Password: admin (or your own if you've preset one)] > Application Sharing > [in Drop-Down menu for "Game or Application" find and click] uTorrent [for your "Device" name] > Add



If the Drop-Down menu doesn't have uTorrent listed, you can manually Add uTorrent by clicking on the words "click here" two paragraphs above the Drop-Down menu.

But I don't know how to do this as I need uTorrent to tell me what Port Range to enter for each UDP and TCP protocol, and (if necessary) where to translate to. As well as any Trigger Protocol and Trigger Port. So, my help stops here. Sorry!

Apparently it's best to avoid assigning uTorrent to the "ABC (Another Bittorrent Client)" as it uses a Port Range that uTorrent deliberately avoids.

If I find out how to do this, I (or someone) will edit or put in a new Post.


Then goto:

Restart, and click on button to restart Hub. When it's finished rebooting and the lights have stabilised, right click anywhere within the Cannot Find Server page and select Refresh. uTorrent is now Port Forwarded to your computer via the BT HomeHub router.


Once you've restarted the Hub, you may want to go back to the Application Sharing page to ensure uTorrent has been properly assigned to your computer. If it has, it'll appear as an entry listing for Game and Application Sharing, with options to Edit and Unassign.

Clicking on "uTorrent" in that page will give you the Protocol(s), Port Range(s), Translate To..., Trigger Protocol and Trigger Port information.

Hope this helps, but it still needs information with manual assignation. Sorry!

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Hi there,

Like you good folks, I too have the HomeHub (v.1.5 - the new one as from Oct(?) 07) but from what I have read they both use the same s/ware etc?.

I am having problems with the Port Forwarding myself, strange as I tried Azureus Vuze which works fine with the default settings but not so with uTorrent.

Have any of you read/heard that the 'port fwding' thing isn't an issue if XP Service Pack 2 is installed?, I still have SP1 (through choice) but have SP2 here if it'll save the port forwarding having to be done?.

I don't know how to do this despite following this excellent guide on portforward.com?.

I know what port uTorrent wants to use but don't know what Port Range to enter for each UDP and TCP protocol, and where to translate to if required. As well as any Trigger Protocol and Trigger Port.

I get to this point & then I'm stuck as the boxes are blank:


I'm using McAfee Firewall, which also has a port forwarding option.

Also, when I start uTorrent after a second or two there are two errors in the logging tab as follows:

Error opening windows firewall :08x80040154


NAT -PMP Unable to find map port with NAT -PMP

The latter one wasn't appearing before I started messing around with it so that's something I've done while tinkering I'm sure

Use UPnP is checked in the Hub Manager but not in uTorrent.

I would be really grateful if anyone could help out in anyway at all?

Best Regards, Esskie

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hi all, the port forwarding guide for the bt home hub can be found here


In the home hub guide it says "uTorrents port for incoming connections", type whatever port number you want to forward in this box (for some reason I find a 5 figure number works best)

After you have finished with the home hub guide, make sure you set the same port number and uncheck "UPnP port mapping" in uTorrents connection prefs.

Hope this helps

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Well, sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'll be dambed if I can get utorrent through a firewall test with the BT home hub. it's 2 am here now, so there is no port throttling. I know all about port forwarding, but this just won't pass at all.

Funny thing is that it's actually downloading and uploading at normal speeds. Got a 3Mb connection and I've set upload speed to 35kB, which it's doing, and is downloading at 200kB plus.

I'm tempted just to say "who cares if it doesn't pass a firewall test, if it's working", but it still annoys me. Azureus passed through fine, but now they've introduced the horrendous interface called 'vuze', I'm staying well clear of that.

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Hey I am currenty using a BT Business Hub and I was wondering if I set up a port forward for Utorrent will it slow down internet for other users as there are 5 more people using the same router. Also will the port forwarding make my internet vulnerable to malicious attacks.

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I have just been reading all the posts here.

I have just tryed this out, to see if i would have any problems, i have a bt homehub 2.0.

My original port number was just a random one, so i thought i would just pick something like 50000.

unchecked "UPnP" first

i did not add any port range, just 50000 in each box and used "tcp" and found that i had manually added a port with no problems.

Tested it, and it works fine

This was following the help pages in the bt homehub

Though the funny thing is, i will have to do this again, to try and remember which way i did it....


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