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µTorrent causing other incoming / outgoing port to disconnect


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OS: Windows XP PRO SP2 on AMD 4200+

µTorrent: 1.6 Build 474 @ port 17804 with (additional BT features 4 all checked, disabled UPnP)

Router: 2WIRE 2700 with DMZ off and portforward 17804 correctly

All along had running application 23/7 like:

* eMule 54286

* BitComet @ 17099

* FlashGet

* FlashFXP

* Apache @ 80 @ 8080

* MySQL @ 3306

** and lastly utorrent recently @ 17804

I belived i portforward them correctly with different port as i already run them for more than 2 years non-stop

in the past i have always been a bitcomet user for years

untill recently i started to switched to µTorrent


i faced a funny problem which is after running operating system for some time (like over 8 hours) i faced random disconnection but the moment i restart the OS evrything fine again for hours

- when trying to visits any website using IE or mozila. which requires you to refreshed a few times after getting 404

- even have problem with call to MySql "cannot connect to database" from PHP at Apache

all running locally at my local system at port 3306


+ i tried calling my ISP, thought problem comes from them

but they monitor and said nothing wrong with mine connection

+ I thought something wrong with my windows and bought a new HDD320 (sata 2) and install a fresh winXP SP2 but problem still there

+ i thought is my router going to spoilt after a year old


but after seeking high and low for weeks or so suddenly i found out that the moment i QUIT µTorrent i don't have problems sulfing any website or my own local website anymore.

well is not saying that i said µTorrent cause this problem because i don't have prove other than obervsing can any others members of µTorrent help me out or sound out if you faced equal or similar issue?

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