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Slow speeds since formatting pc and upgrading internet speeds


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Hi all,

This is my first post in the forum so please bear with me. I've been using utorrent for a year with no problems but ever since formatting my pc and upping my internet connection I've had lousy speeds, both downloading and uploading. I've tried everything in Ultima's sticky; "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST" with no success. Here's my system info:

Windows xp Home Edition Version 2002 service pack 2

AMD Duron processor 130.GHz, 256 MB of RAM

No firewall (I disabled windows firewall), no antivirus, antispyware or antiadware.

I don't use a router, modem model is: USB ADSL ALE 150 (the same one I've been using with no problems).

Connection type: ADSL, 2.5 MB download, 256 kbps upload

Results obtained from the speed test (from dslreports.com): 1762/260 kbps

ISP: 012 (Israel)

Utorrent specifications:

utorrent 1.6 (latest)

Network setting:

Upload limit: 22 Upload slots: 3

Connection(per-torrent): 70 Connections (global): 130

Max active torrents: 2 Max active downloads: 1

Port: 63501 - tested open with no problem

Tried downloading a torrent from OpenOffice.org as suggested, I hit 10 KB\sec download at best. On some private trackers I use I hit 30 KB\sec down on torrents with 700+ seeders and 40 peers. My upload speed also tops at around 10 KB\sec. I also even tried Azures (out of desperation) with the same results. Since installing windows, I haven't made any changes to it besides disabling the firewall and patching the TCPIP.sys as suggested

My ISP isn't listed among the throttlers, and I'm almost 100% sure they're not the cause of my troubles.

If anybody has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Thanx in advance and sorry for the long email.


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I tried those settings with no success. I didn't mention earlier the reason why I decided to format my pc. It was because I started having these slow speeds, in combination with a problem of "This page cannot be displayed" when trying to open web sites. I called my isp and they helped with that problem (by using a DNS server address instead of "Obtain DNS server address automatically" in Internet Protocol (TCP/IP Properties). So up to two weeks ago, I was getting maxed-out speeds (on well seeded torrents; 185 KB/sec down), and then one day speeds went down (way down for p2p clients) and somewhat down for "straight from the net downloading" (130 KB/sec instead of 185). Do you think it could be my modem? (Iv'e been using the same one for 3-4 years). I used windows xp sp1 before formatting. Any ideas?


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