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Linksys wag54gs problems New beta firmware 1.00.09C Annex A


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I had problems with my Linksys which got stuck after 5/6 days due to maximum connection threshold. As I understand Linksys is keeping Torrent or similar (eMule ++) connections open and after some time without connection timeouts the Linksys get stuck. Don't think the Telnet solution works for wag54gs with standard firmware

Don't think v 08 has a solution; however 1.00.09C is claimed to have a solution. Have only used the beta for 3 days.

Tried for several days to find that beta for download and when I finally succeeded I have registered a torrent at demonoid.com.



Don't know whether there link works for non-demonoid members.

Annex A is being used in most European countries.Used in ME.

Exceptions are Germany, Norway & ?? Don't think this firmware works in US.

Best regards

Per Arne

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