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Speed Varies Tremendously


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This has been going on for awhile now although it can be quite annoying most times it happens.

First off my ISP is AOL. No I do not have the "new" AOL where another ISP is providing me internet access, I have actual Cable internet offered by AOL where I have to login to use the internet (Please do not tell me to switch ISPs as a response). Many times when I goto download something the speeds will be great ranging from 300-375kB/s and maxing out at 400kB/s.

Although for some reason the speeds will crash down to 50-60kB/s more often. I use to think it was because of "peak hours" such as a Sunday or the weekend in general although I have come to realize through tests that even at 3:30 in the morning the speeds will be at the 50-60kB/s range.

Here are some details.

-The speeds will either be dramatically high (100-400kBs usually 225-350kB/s+) or dramatically low (45-60kB/s.) in which they would stay there.

-Lately sometimes the speed will be high for a couple of minutes and then it will drop into the 45-60kB/s range.

-I have tested it on Linux Distro's with 200+ seeds yet still same outcome occurs. (Good times good speeds, bad times 45-60kB/s speeds.)

-Some weekdays early afternoon I will get good speeds.

-When I perform the "Test To See If Ports Are Forwarded Correctly" test it comes out Ok and green. (I have forwarded ports)

-I have the setting as to Protocol Encryption is Enabled yet it allows Incoming Legacy's, and have the Max Connections and other settings set for optimal speed.

-When I do a "Speed Test" on my internet I usually am in the range of 3101kbps (387.6kB/s) & 408kbps (51kB/s).

I am wondering if AOL is in fact throttling bittorrent although it is odd because that would mean they are only doing it at certain times which would make no sense. If someone could shed some light on the situation as to how it can be resolved I would greatly appreciate it.



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The reason why I said it makes no sense is because is "Peak Hours" 3:30 in the morning on Saturday night. Also when an ISP throttles does it take awhile to realize weather it is Bittorrent protocol or not because I will be at a steady 150-275kB/s and then suddenly it will drop to the 45-60kB/s range.

I have asked some people and they say it is due to the amount of people actually on your node at the time.

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Indeed, but if there's an issue with speed only at certain days/times of the week, but it works perfectly fine any other time, then (all other things held constant) the problem lies with your ISP, and there's not much else that can be said about it. Throttling, peak hours, number of peers, I've no clue, but it's pretty sure to be your ISP.

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