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Embedded tracker - HTTP Error 300


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uTorrent 1.6 474

I have a small LAN. I want to distribute files over it. I read FAQ, start µ, enable tracker, create torrent-file (I used something as "http://169.x.x.x:xxxxx/annouce" (my LAN IP) as a tracker address), and set it to start seeding. But in Tracker section on General tab I get HTTP error 300. Is not normal? I can not distribute files.

I read topics, tried disabling ipfilter and setting net.bind_ip (and two next settings) to my LAN IP,and me listening port, but still get 300... I restarted µ, but it did not help. I have no routers. I tried with disabled firewall (I use Outpost), but still no go.

Any ideas to make things work?

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Ok, my post is late but i found the error.

In the user manual 'How to make a Torrent' http://www.utorrent.com/torrent.php is a little mistake in 2nd part 5th break.

The embedded tracker URL is: http://your_ip_address:port/annouce (where your ip is your computer's ip address and port is µTorrent's listening port)

The correction is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce

The 'n' is missing in 'announce'. Some people, like me, make copy and paste of the link and don't found the error. For people who don't speak english very well (like me) it is not easy to found the mistake.

Please correct the manual.

ps: @AndreworNIL if you correct it to "http://169.x.x.x:xxxxx/announce" it works fine.

Excuse me for my bad english.

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Re: BitTorrent 6.4 (build 18095)

I had "announce" spelled correctly.

I enabled and set the "Alternate listening port" 8080 in the "Connectivity" section in Web UI, then disabled the Web UI so the Alternative listening port option and check was grayed out (when I had the problem).

I Enabled the Web UI and then un-checked the "Alternative listening port" then un-checked the Enable Web UI and every thing was happy again (the option was grayed out with no check).

I never got the Web UI working, and didn't try very hard. Sounds like a bug and gives me something to look at. I did this long enough ago that it may have taken a while to figure this one out.

Thanks to the forum,


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