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utorrent limits speed? and how this affects my speed problem?


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I heard that when you limit your upload below 6Kb

utorrent limits your download to x6 times

I have my upload at 3KB --> so my download is stable and great at 18kb!

But i was very angry they do not increase to 25kb (full capacity)

But when i found out this information .. (maybe most of you did not hear about it)

I decided to raise my upload to 4kb --> so i can get 24Kb

But when i raise the upload to 4kb, download increases to 23-24 only for few seconds or a minute

Then after that it drops significantly to an average of 8-10Kb

Just want to share my problem :)

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I know this is not a problem Free Will, i am not addressing the problem of utorrent limiting your download.

I am addressing the problem is why the speed drops after i raise the upload to 4KB

And ultima to answer your question, I pay for 25KB download and 8KB upload but i only get 6KB now.

I phone the service provider every now and then to complain about the limited upload.

Anyway when i raise the upload to 4KB, download becomes slow (10KB avg.) as well as browsing too.

Strange!! It seems the 4KB is strangulating the connection!

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Your download speed drops going from 3 KB/sec to 4 KB/sec upload...probably because you are allowing too many connections at once and too high a half-open connection rate...and probably have DHT enabled, which creates lots of UDP packets which many networking software+hardware handles poorly.

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bizzyb0t said: "Speed(Down/Up): 1792 / 448 Kbps"

So how does a 6 download speed versis 1 upload ratio affect you again?

I'm on Comcast and have 6 megabits/sec download and ~360 kilobits/sec useable upload. That's a 16.6 to 1 ratio. But it's not a problem for me, because the torrents I'm on don't HAVE that much spare upload bandwidth to saturate my connection.

Even if they did, my upload speed typically averages over 30 KB/sec and often runs 40-42 KB/sec for hours on end.

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Ok here is the info (mind you, i think most of them are manually configured, by me i guess)

Upload limit:3kb

Upload slots:2

Connections per torrent:55

Connections (global):150

Max active torrents: 1 (i usually used forced seeds and download)

Max active downloads: 1 (i usually used forced seeds and download)

So any tweaks as regards these settings that makes it any better?

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