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Comodo Problem


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Hi, I have speed problem when using Comodo Personal Firewall

I used to have only NOD32 but I wannted more security so I installed Comodo.

The funny thing happens when using uTorrent. The upload works just fine but the download speed I way below normal.

Then I shut down the Comodo and the download speed goes up. The same thing happens with it when the NOD32 is on or off so I think that Comodo working with NOD32 is no issue here...

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Action = Allow

Protocol = TCP or UDP

Direction = In

Source IP = Any

Remote IP = your IP adress (or "Any" )

Source port = Any

Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections

I set my Direction to In/Out. If I don't do this my browser won't connect to the Internet. Strange, but true. Having it set this way increased my speed greatly and I can surf Cyberhell while Utorrent does its thang.

Thanks for the tutorial link. It helped!

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