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how do you find out what in & out going ports numbers are, please help


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i am fairly new to all this torrent gosip.

and its only now that i'm begining reading about port numbers, Port forwarding and all this kind of mind boggling stuff.

so my Queastion is...

Q1. how do you find out what in & out going ports numbers are in relation to uTorrent.

Q2. When you go to windows fire wall.

How do you find out what IP addresses to enter when setting up new port forwarding Service.

Go to windows fire wall > Advanced > Settings > advanced > Click on > Local Area Connection > Then Click on > Settings > Services > Add > This the spot where i'm stuck.

How & Where Do You, Find out this information.

or is there a program easy to use program to do the job for ya.

but i would perfer if some one could tell me how to find it out manually.

i'm connected to the net via 1 way satalite.

my up speed is about 30k

my down speed is 10mbs

any one please help as its recken my head..!!!!

threw a proxy.

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1. The incoming port is the port µTorrent is listening on -- Preferences > Connection. The outgoing ports are in the ephemeral port range. If you're asking how to find out in real time, then try another utility like TCPView from Sysinternals.

2. You don't need to mess with Windows Firewall. Just let µTorrent configure it properly -- Preferences > Connection

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