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Windows Firewall problem


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Hi,i'm new here.

I got a problem in utorrent,I searched for a solution of it in the fixed topics,but i didn't find anything about it.

I have used utorrent for since July to download many things form internet,and i never had problems.But today,when i tryed to download,the program didn't start.First thing i did it was to check if it was the torrent ,but other torrents that has nothing downloaded ocurred the same(in one that i downloaded 49% before the error shows up,had no problem).Then I checked the basic, if the port forwarding was ok,but it wasn't.I thought it was because of this,but after i turned it ok,for my surprise it didn't resolve.

I went to registry of the torrent to see what he was saying.The registry gives this error:

Error opening Windows Firewall: 0x80040154

This is a strange error...i don't use internet firewall.Instead,i use AVG's firewall.I've already made an excepetion for utorrent and i could download normaly before this error shows up.

Here some info of my configuration:

Windows XP SP1

My router:Linksys BEFSR41

Windows's internet firewall is disabled


Randomize port each time utorrent starts [unchecked]

Enable UPnP port mapping [unchecked]

Add utorrent to windows firewall exceptions [Checked]

No proxy

I want to know why occur and how i can fix it.


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