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Anyone else getting this for pretty much all of their downloads?

My downloads were fine yesterday and earlier today, but it's just happened all of a sudden.

Any ideas why?

Also is the new version of Zone Alarms Firewalls causing problems? I installed it yesterday, but the problem I'm having has only recently occurred.

And the fact that it's only happening now and wasn't happening earlier or yester is rather puzzling.


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I will try that now.

Looking at the guide, I am also a University Student and I am using a wireless connection.

Are the problems involved with them limited to uTorrent or will the same happen if I try a different torrent downloader, do you know of any that this problem might not occur with?


I found our router on the Port Forwarding website and went through all that, downloads have started again and seem ok. I will keep monitoring them to see how they go.

Even though downloads and uploads are fine, I still have the "!" in the yellow triangle at the bottom, is this because I am using wireless? I haven't used wireless before so I don't know.


Its now gone to the "!" in a red circle, but downloads and uploads are still ok, for now.

Also after doing the port forwarding and doing the test in uTorrent it says my port is not open.

Any ideas? I'm thinking its the wireless again.


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