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Connection Forcibly Closed


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Past two days have been unable to seed torrents.

uTorrent 1600 (474)

WinXP Pro SP2

IE7 or IE6

Port Forwading OK

Comcast Cable Ambit U10C018

Subccribe to 8meg d/l 768k u/l Average at dslreports is 7200 down and 660 up.

D-Link 604 Router

Further explanation. Client shows connected, can u/l and d/l, Tracker shows connected, leechers see me as connected, but error msg in Azureus log from a user states "[1:33:28.788] {peer} Peer connection closed: connection exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host; | TorrentDLM: Torent name here; Peer: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:62888 [µTorrent 1.6.0]

Is this a uTorrent problem or ....

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thanks for the comments. It is not the router - took it out of the loop and went direct to cable modem. Comcast Tech reports all OK from a hdw standpoint. My u/l d/l speeds are just shy of max 7.4meg d/l, 660k u/lI reverted back to IE6 from IE7. Shutdown ZoneAlarm - same results.

Please explain ipfilter.dat. What, Where, How :))

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It can't be ipfilter.dat, as ipfilter.dat doesn't even allow the connection in the first place, and doesn't affect currently-established connections, so it's irrelevant. If you really need to find out what ipfilter.dat is, check the FAQ.

Comcast has been reported to throttle users, and even if they're saying everything's okay for them (and their entire system might be okay from a technical standpoint), it's not okay for you if they're throttling.

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