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RSS for utorrent releases


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Why why why???

Why there is no RSS feed related with the new releases of utorrent.

I use RSS a lot and it is perfect.

utorrent supports RSS to start new downloads automaticaly, but there is no RSS feed for the users of utorrent to know about the new releases or the betas of utorrent.

I whould be greatefull if an RSS feed appear in the main page of utorrent.

What do you beleave???

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Using RSS to check on a once per 6 months (guessing) update is a bit over the top. Its killing a bunny with a nuke :P

Since automatic download without automatic install would be completely useless a "There is a new version of µtorrent" pop up triggered by a daily check would already be more then enough for me. And I'd even be content with a check every time I start µtorrent (which is once every few days in my case).

Is there any automated 'update' warning implemented btw, I can't seem to remember if there is?

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Yes, there is, but I'm not sure if you've been around long enough to have ever seen µTorrent update.

Preferences > General > "Check for updates automatically" tells µTorrent to connect to the µTorrent servers to check for newer versions upon startup, and for every 24 hours after that that µTorrent remains open.

Help > Check for Updates manually tells µTorrent to check for a newer stable build from the µTorrent servers. µTorrent will continue to check for newer versions once every 24 hours after this is selected if you have enabled the option to check for updates automatically.

Beta releases shouldn't be released in this automated fashion, IMHO. If you're going to be using a beta, be around here enough to know about beta releases. That way, you're around enough to actually report bugs to us.

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