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Re-Installed uTorrent cant access WWW search, cant UL/DL.


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XP SP2. - P4 3.4G, 1.0GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9700 ;-)

HI uTorrento's.

I was devoted Opera 8.54 user and lately it got bogged down (Stalling, freezing ETC.), uninstalled Opera, updated to IE7, now WWW is flying again DL@1.83Mbs.

However I cant get uTorrent to opperate/DL;

New torrents are filed, and stored BUT wont START, NOR can I use the search function.??

I Un-installed with CCleaner v1.35.424, deleted ALL uTorrent folders/Apps & EXE's.

After re-installed the last Four torrents appeared ready for DL but nothing happens?

Can someone assist Please.

Thanks in advance

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Regarding searching...

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults > Custom > Choose a default Web browser:

Select your browser, and check the "Enable access to this program" checkbox.

As for downloading... Check the first link in my signature.

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