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Portforwarding on Belkin Router F5D5230-4


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Hello, I am having some problems with uTorrent and portforwarding. Well recently, my speeds were going nice and smooth, around 60-70kB/s, until just recently, when they dropped down to around 4-10kB/s, while also slowing down not only my internet, but my family's. I noticed also that the yellow ! icon at the bottom of my screen (which is sometimes a red ! icon), I'm not sure if that was there before, but it is now. I set my speed in the box that comes up, xx/1Mbit, then notice the current port. I test to see if it is forwarded properly, but it isn't. So I read the directions on forwarding it, do everything correctly (go into my routers virtual settings and input the IP from ip/config and the port) but it still says it is not forwarded. If anyone could help, that would be great. If any other information is needed, please tell me. Thanks much in advance. If you have any other info on how to speed it up, that would be wonderful too.

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