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Riger DB102 ADSL Modem & UTorrent - is more port-forwarding possible?


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This enquiry is a bit about port forwarding & also availability of sources from fellow peers in UTorrent.

I'm using UTorrent 1.6.1beta.

These are my PC's Specs:


-Pentium 4

-CPU 2.66Ghz


-Physical Address Extension


-XP Professional

-Version 2002


My PC Security Info:

-Bitdefender Internat Security 9 [Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware but no Firewall]

-AVG7.5 Plus Anti-Virus [no Firewall]

-AVG7.5 Anti-Spyware Plus [no Firewall]

-Windows Firewall but I have allowed UTorrent as an exception [the only Firewall installed is this!]

The above computer is the only one that is connected to broadband in my house. I don't have any other PCs at home, no internal network stuff, etc!

My main problem here is that my net browsing is fast enough but my P2P downloads suck! I usually download about 4-5 torrents simultaneously. The Total DL of all the torrents is usually like 40kbps (but it can be as bad as 5kBps!), usually no higher than 55kbps.

My net connection is broadband 1mbit/s via ADSL Modem. The following is the speed test result from my ISP's website:

Description Filesize (KBytes) Time (sec) KBytes per sec Kbits per sec

Download Speed 1025.66 9.9 103.54 828.32

Upload Speed 1025.66 23.26 44.08 352.64

The speed test is done BEFORE I use any P2P client.

Under Control Panel>Local Area Connection Properties [for my broadband connection]>Advanced, I see the following:

-Allow other network users to connect though this computer's net connection = Unchecked/Unticked

-Allow other network users to control or disable the shared net connection = Checked/Ticked but the whole line this is GREYED OUT

Under Control Panel>Local Area Connection Properties [for my broadband connection]>General>Activity, I see the following:

-Bytes Send is sometimes just over twice the Bytes Received

Here are the details of my modem:

Riger Corporation

DB102 ADSL2/+2

I don't know if the router itself got built-in firewall or not!

I think I followed the port-forward guide for DB102 correctly from here:


What I want to know is can I insert more/different port numbers in my DB102 CONFIGURATION MANAGER GUI for UTorrent? The first time I did the port forward was for the default port 45988 (this became Rule ID #3 in NAT RULE INFORMATION, I think). So can I create more RULES for other ports as Rule #4, #5, #6, etc or is it only 1 Rule for UTorrent?

Other than port forwarding, my other problem is the number of peers I can download from per torrent. when I get about 20-30 other peers per torrent, I'm only downloading from about 3-5 of these peers at a time, usually a from a fellow leecher rather than those 100% seeders. Is this normal? I sometimes see tons of seeders but I can't seed of most of them even when there are no other (0) leechers. Also, I see tons of leechers but most are not leeching off me.

I set the caps at 150kBps DL & 40kBps UL in Utorrent Preferences.

I've already PATCHED my O/S with xp-AntiSpy_setup-english. I changed it from 10 to 50.

I've even tried turning off the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware stuff, I see no improvement.

Also tried removing splitter (the thing that shares my landline with) & make a direct connection , still no improvement.

I've already updated my router's firmware and my ethernet card driver.

If I downgrade my UTorrent 1.6.1beta to the last NON-BETA version, will I lose all my incomplete downloads?

Please advise. IF you need for info, just ask!


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Forgot to say port forwarding to default 45988 is ok: Green light in UTorrent, port checker got OK for me but I dunno how to check for NAT Errors.

I just want to know can I add more RULE IDs for different ports or will this screw up UTorrent totally?

Downgrading sounds hard! If I over-write the beta with previous Non-Beta, can I keep all my unfinished downloads?

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Select xx/384k in the Speed Guide. Then try a torrent from here. If it runs fine, then chances are, the problem lies with the torrent you're trying to download. If you haven't already done so, enable Protocol Encryption in Preferences > BitTorrent.

Edit: Eh, it appears you're using TM Net... Malaysian ISPs are known to throttle VERY hard, and TM Net is definitely no exception. Did 1.6 work for you before?

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Hey, you could tell I use bloody TMNET? You in Malaysia too?

I have contacts in Malaysia & they say they can get 900 -1200 kbit/s in the SPEEDOMETER test but they live in a different state from me. I get about 800-ish kbit/s (as seen above).

There have been times when total downloads was 70-90 kbits/s but very scarce.

I will try the openoffice thing.

When Activity Sent is GREATER than Received, is this BAD?

I never tried v1.6 before and v1.6.1beta was my first torrent client .. I chose this cos I heard good things about it & it uses less resources/RAM or something like that!

So can I over-write the beta with the stable 1.6 & keep all my unfinished downloads?

How about adding more ports in Riger's GUI as mentioned in my 1st post?

If I wanna talk about internet/modem/ADSL boosters/optimizers etc, can I talk about it here or start a new thread somewhere else in UTorrent forum? Who believes in these stuff?

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- I can tell because I'm a moderator :P And nah, I'm not from Malaysia.

- Sending more than you receive isn't automatically "bad"

- If you never tried 1.6, then don't bother downgrading to it, as 1.6.1 is just as stable, and other than the WebUI, there were only minor changes between 1.6 and 1.6.1 -- it's going to be the same anyway.

- Adding more ports is useless, as µTorrent only needs/uses one port as specified in Preferences > Connection

- You can talk about those other things here -- it's easier to keep your questions into one topic, especially if they're more-or-less related anyway.

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So what other comments you heard from TMNET users?

What's throttling? Is it like choking the bandwidth?

As for the port forward enquiry, I meant add more ports in the GUI but try other ports one at a time in UTorrent to see any differences/improvements. Will this be ok?

I think I'll start the booster/optimizer question elsewhere. Can you suggest which sub-forum here to use?

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That TMNET is throttling them :o And yeah, throttling is choking the bandwidth. Trying other ports likely won't make a difference, but if you really want to try, I guess you can. As for the other questions... If they're not directly related to µTorrent, then I guess Chat would be the correct location.

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According to PORTFORWARD website, my external IP is 219.95.2.XXX.

However, when doing the port-test in UTorrent, I get:


Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 45988 on 219.95.13.XX ...

OK! Port 45988 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.


So even though I got an OK, I think UTorrent was checking the right port but on the wrong IP address ..

Am I Right? How do I fix this then?

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I think I keep getting a different IP Address everytime I start/reboot my PC!

That's what it looks like whenever I do a port-forward test in UTorrent ... but each time I do the test , it says OK.

Is that normal? If not, how do I fix this?

I tried to following this:


but when I run type "ipconfig /all", the MS-DOS window appears & dissappears in a flash!

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Oops .. I forgot that one .. sorry!

I forgot to mention I use a MANUAL CONNECTION with a username & password. I called it TMNET STREAMYX.

Under the DB102's GUI > SYSTEM VIEW, I see:

LAN Interface

Interface Mac Address IP Address Mask Lower Interface Speed Duplex Status

eth-0 00:08:5C:85:F4:7E 192.168.X.X - 100BT Full Green Circle

Here's the NAT RULE I made for UTorrent:

NAT Rule - Detail

NAT Rule Information

Rule ID: 3

Rule Flavor: RDR

IF Name: ALL

Protocol: ANY

Local Address From: 192.168.X.X [Different IP from LAN INTERFACE above]

Local Address To: 192.168.X.X [same as "Local Address from"]

Global Address From:

Global Address To:

Destination Port From: 45988

Destination Port To: 45988

Local Port: 45988

I'm trying to set-up a Static IP again. Here's how far I've got to based on:


STEP 1-2

I'm ok with these.

STEP 3-4

Windows IP Configuration

Primary Dns Suffix:

Node Type: Unknown

IP Routing Enabled: No

WINS Proxy Enabled: No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:

Physical Address: 00-12-EC-29-82-C7

Dhcp Enabled: No

IP Address: 192.168.X.X [same as the figures from the NAT RULE above]

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS Servers:


Connection-specific DNS Suffix:

Physical Address: 00-53-45-00-00-00

Dhcp Enabled: No

IP Address: [Note: this keeps changing everytime I start/reboot my PC]

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway: [Note: this also keeps changing everytime I start/reboot my PC]

DNS Servers:

NetBIOS over Tcpip: Disabled

STEP 5 - 7

I've checked them & I'm ok with these.


I'm ok with this


Here's where I got lost! Which figures do I use from Steps 3 & 4?

- The one under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, or

- the one under PPP adapter TMNET STREAMYX ?

That IP Address & Default Gateway from the "PPP adapter TMNET STREAMYX" header seems to be the same IP I get when doing port testing in UTorrent. It keeps bloody changing everytime I start/reboot my PC but gives the "OK! Port 45988 is open and accepting connections" message everytime.

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I had almost similar problem and its not from streamyx server @ dslam. Its from the modem itself.

The problem caused by the DB102 is maximize for only 192 ip connection/session and can never be alter more than that value.

Therefore, my only solution is to strictly limit your torrent global connection below 100 (mine is 75).

Else, you have the browsing problems if the setup value exceed from my recommendation. Other settings you might want to try it yourself.

Hope this will work, even your torrent might have trouble regarding on speed. but dun worry, as long you are able to download and surfing. it makes every1 happy :)

Btw, other method is to use your modem router as bridge mode. Only, its just not practical for me :P

If any expert know how to solve this problem, I will be glad to hear it. Anything.

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Rock King: However, are you getting any problem with getting the tracker connected?

If you don't possibly you can try this connecting to the tracker and this eventually help you to connect to international tracker.

TMnet has been filtering user-agent and they could track this and drop the connection.

What we can do is to get Pro Active Web (PAW) Filter to change the header request to connect thru port 80 or 8080. Utorrent support this by changing the Preference -> Connection -> Change to HTTP : localhost :8080

This work most efficient with Utorrent compare to Azureus or BT or BitComet

I am getting about 40~60kbps and the health of the torrent was good i can get up to 100kbps average and peak up to 150kps.

Other method is connecting through a VPN however this method cost money because of bandwidth allocatio

(Only for Malaysia Torrent User)

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