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when utorrent is open i cant navigate internet! help me!


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i use firefox 2 (i have also tested IE6).

kaspersky antivirus 2006

Windwos Media Center 2005

Windows firewall status: off

i have installed uTorrent(is not stanalone)

the icon of uTorrent status is ok(is green)


when uTorrent is open, i cant navigate in the web. i cant even go to google , the speed is 0 i think.

and then the speed of uTorrent is note so much, i have bredband 100mb.

have any ideal?

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Note that before you do this, if your router supports Quality of Service (QOS) you should use that instead of limiting uTorrent so that you can get the best performance out of uTorrent and all of your other applications at the same time.

Your broadband service is advertised in bits per second, not bytes. uTorrent measures up/down speeds in bytes, like mostly everything else. So you need to do below to find out what you should set your max upload speed to:

(x/8)*(y*0.01)=utorrent max upload speed

Where "x"=Your upload speed in kilobits (1 megabit=1000 kilobits)

Where "y"=Percentage of your upload bandwidth you want to use

Alexandergre, you should set your max up speed to 37.8 if you want to use 80% of your upload bandwidth. Just do the same for your download if you want to limit it.

I use http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ for my speed tests, just make sure that your speed test returns your results in kilobits per second and you should be fine.

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alexandergre how's the weather in Sweden? I'm considering moving. I get 27 kb max dl, charged the earth, and restricted so much can only use it for a few days a month before throttling to 6-9k. We can get higher speeds if we pay more, but there's no point, as the monthly quota remains the same, and throttled likewise to same extent after that, which means we can get our monthly quota in less than a day. But it's fast!! (They tell us)

I believe the main problem is that improvement would cause a drop in profits. So the greed factor would be affected. In other words, they are set to be competitive when forced into it.

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