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Possible speed cap or connection issue


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My speed at speakeasy.com reads 5500kbps DL and 420kbps up

When i test a torrent from OpenOffice.org or Ubuntu Linux i get 550-600kbps DL with one running or both at the same time.

I am just wondering if i am capped or if this is normal download speeds. I have tried to force, enable and disable protocol encryption and various max half open setings(with patch) and i get the same results. When Downloading other torrents i get 350 or less kbps. My ISP is adelphia cable which has recently been taken over by roadrunner. Also with DHT enabled Trackers fail because they are offline (timed out) and the internet fails and slows up.

Router: linksys WRT54GL with DD-Wrt standard v23

modem: D-link DM-202

Upload limit:30kbps

max connections:500

110 connections per torrent

10connections per upload



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