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uTorrent Settings To Work With Vonage


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Please post uTor tweak settings to manage connected users, memory and bandwidth usage for optimal VoIP (Vonage) phone usage.

When too many people are uploading my PC sloooows down. Also, while making a phone call via Vonage people on the other end experience call breakup resulting from outbound upload traffic.

My System: XP, 3Ghz, 1GB Ram

Cable Internet: 4687-6000 kbps (down), 261-350 kbps (up)


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Posting what network hardwares there are being used, like what modem and/or what router, would be a good way to start things off (I don't use Vonage, but indeed, it's always a good start to provide as much information for others to work with as possible). If you need other ideas as to what information to include, check the bottom of the first link in my signature.

Edit: As a sidenote, have you tried searching the forums for vonage? There have been, as I recall, several threads with other Vonage users asking for help...

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I have a linksys 4 port wired router (befsr41 v4) and linksys cable modem (befcmu10).

Current configuration is as follows:

- Internet line from modem, goes directly into the Vonage device

- Internet line out from Vonage device goes into the internet input port on the router

- Vonage device set up to assign a static IP to my linksys router

- Each of my three PC's on my network have a static IP

- uTor is running on two of those PC's, each running through their own port

- Linksys router is configd for portforwarding for each ot the two uTor apps/ports

When 1-2 torrents are being uploaded everything is fine. When more than 2 or more torrents are being uploaded things get slow.

I was looking for details such as what is the Number of Connection settings, and what do the numbers represent, i.e.

-- Global Connections - example such as what do values of 1,10 or more represent?

-- same goes for Max number of connections per torrent

-- same goes for Number of upload slots

-- I'm also not sure if I completely understanding the k'B'/s rating for uTor vs the internet k'b'ps down/up ratings that speakeasy says I have.

-- updated spead test from Vonage site: 6.23Mbps dn, 239kbps up

I'd like to be able to control the traffic for each of my two uTor apps without closing the pipeline to a point where I'm uploading meaningless drips.

Let me know what other details I can provide!

PS, Vonage has been unbelievably helpful in walking me through all the port forwarding and static ip settings for both their device as well as my router. I'm completely amazed that their tech people are authorized to do this as well as being pretty damn technically capable of such. That being said, I would not hold them accountable for being uTorrent gurus. :)

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If Vonage sent you a router or something that you put between your router and modem, then you don't need to worry about anything slowing down Vonage, they have Quality of Service (QOS) which puts VOIP packets at the top of the priority list. There are lots of routers that support QOS, go to your manufacturers website to see if yours does, if so it should be easy to turn on from the web configuration.

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Funny, we've been in and out of just about every one of the other router settings and Vonage never mentioned this one as a possibly useful solution. There also seems to be a debate whether it is more beneficial to put the Vonage device behind the router and DMZ the Vonage device, vs the setup that I'm currently running. Thanks a bunch. I'll apply some QOS settings and see how that works.

Can someone also explain what some of the values represent as mentioned above concerning bandwidth and user connections? Thks

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The QOS solution appears to be the silver bullet, which makes you (QuiescentWonder) the resolution loan ranger of network upload/Vonage VoIP traffic conflicts!

QOS settings, which are testing out great as we speak, appear to have completely resolved upload traffic interference between uTorrent and Vonage VoIP call quality.

Settings that solved the problem are as follows -

Upstream bandwidth: Enabled ; Manual: 100kbps

(not worried about limiting uTor upload traffic to 100kbps)

Device Priority: Vonage ; Priority: High

Application Priority:

uTor1, Port xxxx1 ; Priority: Low

uTor2, Port xxxx2 ; Priority: Low

Oh happy day! Thanks!!

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